If you have one of the above textures and want healthy hair and a healthy scalp, you’re in the right place. Lockstar stylists have decades of experience with hair. We choose to specialize in natural textures and do not chemically straighten hair. Continuing education and seeking better options for your haircare are top priorities. We have a natural approach and aim to attack & solve your beauty concerns. You have to try one of our fresh, custom treatments. Imagine quenching dry hair with a real avocado for growth & shine, real honey as a natural humectant , a few drops of olive oil for moisture, and an essential oil for fragrance. Your hair will scream thank you & shine like a new piece of gold. You may need a new look or style & we do that all day long. Color, locks, Deva Cuts, blow outs, twists, & extension styles, come on in. 

The Lockstar salon is located in Charlotte, NC.
We offer the latest in custom, natural treatments that are unavailable anywhere else.

Lockstar Charlotte
1110 Morningside Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205