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Hello! I wish I could say that my dad is from Jamaica and my mom is Cuban & they met while my moms family was on vacation! I wish I was born in Italy and raised there for most years and then came to the states as a military child living in Colorado, then Cali, and finally on the east coast. But, no, I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC to parents born in North and South Carolina. They still live in the house I was brought home to at birth, and they have the same home phone number! I was raised a Jehovah's Witness, going to service at least 3 times a week with extremely traditional values. My parents are one of the most "square/old school" couples around & bless their hearts, they tried really hard to raise another square. As a child, mom, who was briefly a hairstylist, says that I had strong opinions for my hair such as no more than three ponytails. We shopped a lot, not every Saturday or anything scheduled, but shopping is a part of my life fabric. I tagged along with her to boutiques and resale shops and learned how to recognize quality. I pushed those straight lines of the square OUT and rounded those corners to a smooth circle that let me spin through expressing myself with clothing. I have a few memories of days when I took a chance with clothing choices & I won. They worked, I got good attention. That was fuel for my style development and trusting myself and my eye. I don't have any bad memories of getting my hair combed or brushed with my thick, course, overly curly hair. Mom took me to the salon from time to time & I remember riding home from the salon with the windows down after getting my first relaxer. I enjoyed the wind on my face and going through my hair.

I became a mother at 17, the summer before senior year, so while constructing my life I also had a beautiful new life project - my daughter, Ky, to dress up & raise. She is now 20, a Lockstar, and has developed her own unique life: a Junior in college, she is an Honor's student, a published artist, owner of a clothing line that utilizes her art on clothing, and a flight student that recently took her first solo flight. My first job out of high school was at Wachovia. It was a very impressionable time of life and at that time I read the autobiography of Malcolm X. It changed my life and let me know that I was only making Mr. Wachovia's dream come true. I learned that there, I was replaceable. I began to realize that one goal at a job and in life is to be irreplaceable.

photo: @contemporad

photo: @contemporad

Create some value in yourself so that there are qualities only you have or that you teach others that come from you. I needed to hone in on a skill that I have. Every time I got my hair done, I was never satisfied until I did a,b, & c to it. After, I did those things, I would get a million compliments and set trends. I looked up to my stylist at the time and decided to quit Wachovia and go to cosmetology school. While in school, after a series of events, and reading many books about my history and my culture, I decided to present myself to the world as myself instead of the thing I was with colored contacts, false nails, and a hair weave.  I know that when you make that transition, you are spending time with yourself. You're shedding all of the things that society deems acceptable. You are trusting yourself, your brain, & not hiding or changing, or fighting who you are. This was not common in 1998. 

Lockstar Lifestyle helps you recognize the things that enhance your natural self. We educate, we help you pop, we push you a little further & we are always appropriate in our creative way. We manifest your natural beauty to flourish. I have been in the beauty industry for 17 years, a veteran lock & curly hair specialist. I've transitioned & big chopped thousands, started & maintained over 10,000 heads of locks. I style naturally. I have a gentle & always pretty approach all the way around. 


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