Lockstar currently offers five handmade products for your hair and body that all have a purpose and we hope that you use and enjoy them to satisfy your needs. Lockstar products are produced by hand in micro-batches at the company’s facility in Miami, FL. Notably, attention to detail, quality, and efficacy have garnered Lockstar products a devout fan base & attention from around the globe. We also take pride in all of the products that we use and make them available for you to purchase and use at home. If there is product that you are in need of, chances are, you aren't the only one. It CAN be developed. Send me an inquiry, let's chat about details, & get this created concoction in your hands. Visit our online store by pressing the shop online tab above. 


LOCKSTAR CLASSIC OIL is a multi use oil blend made with camellia, jojoba, and vitamin e that protects the hair and body with nutrition, it quickly absorbs and provides moisture and hi-shine. 

inspiration: This was the first product I developed because I needed a natural oil to give my locks shine. I used to be obsessed with kemi oil and created my own version.

Uses: These uses are not to ALL be done at the same time. You will be too oily! pour generously all over locks or loose hair after shampooing and before styling to fill up the hair strands with goodness (do not do this is you have fine or thin hair or if you are wearing a blow out), use a small amount all over locks every other day or so, use all over body as an after shower skin moisturizer,  hydrate any human being that has dry skin or hair

Prices: travel size: 1oz $5, sm: 4oz $10, lrg:  8oz $20


BASIC TRAINING is a styling agent that is the perfect blend of moisture & hold. Handmade with palm kernel butter and almond oil, Basic Training works wonderful for creating styles with wet hair. This creme  is also a detangler. It is all natural and safe for adults and babies. it smells heavenly. 

inspiration: Lockstar salon needed a styling product so I went to work formulating. It is a wet styler only for twist outs & such, and works nicely for lock grooming & can be rubbed all over locks and loose hair when wet.

Uses:  single, double, & flat twists, lock grooming, guys-rub a small amount on hair to add shine and give refreshing smell, use on moist hair sections to detangle, use on sections to assist with blow drying, gives incredible shine, can be rub all over locks for hydration & unperfect grooming

Prices: 2oz $8 , 8oz $29


 Scalp Treat is a  pre cleans fussy scalp relief spray treatment. If younhave any scalp issues form buildup, to dry scalp to flaking, to just experiencing an itchy scalp, this is your solution which is made with patchouli, melaleuca, tea tree, & mandarin essential oils

inspiration: Lockstar salon needed a solution for guests coming in and with scalp buildup & or a stench! We also received several online inquiries from people needing some sort of a scalp exfoliator. ST is all natural & STRONG & takes it ALL away, leaving your scalp brand new.

Uses:  Before your shampoo, spray this natural treatment on your scalp & let it sit for 5-10 minutes. When you shampoo, your scalp will thank you for the relief. All buildup, flakes, & any irritation will be relieved. 

Prices: 2 oz. $19


Lux scalp quench is an emulsion developed to quench your scalp that has scalp treat as an ingredient. Handmade with coconut and avocado oil, apply this to your scalp weekly to hydrate, prevent any dryness, & for a cooling sensation from fresh mint.

inspiration: I had a client with scalp challenges that was allergic to sulphur. We used scalp treat on her at every monthly visit but she needed a salve to use at home for weekly maintainance.

Uses: apply a very small amount to your scalp once a week

Prices: 4oz $13


Lux body quench satisfies skin. This all natural handmade butter blend hydrates without feeling greasy. You will enjoy supple skin & see no ash for the entire day! LBQ has natural ingredients for sun protection & is made with kokum butter & red raspberry oil, many expecting mothers rub their bellies to alleviate stretch marks. It smells clean & inviting & is absolutely safe for baby’s & sensitive skin.

inspiration: I’m a sucker for hydrated skin ALL OVER my body. I was in the body shop every two weeks or purchasing ‘lay it on thick’ from the other competitor. So, I investigated ingredients that penetrate & create supple skin and voila!

Uses: all over body moisturizer after you bathe, some apply to feet and elbows  nightly to keep these areas soft, expecting moms rave that this product is excellent for their belly

Prices: 2oz $6.50, 8oz $25